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66 dating

Glad to hear you and your siblings are going to "veto" everyone.

I know i would think no one was near good enough for either of my parents! Well if the daughter gets her good looks from the mom she'd do just fine here!

Every situation has its good and bad points but always plenty to find just the downsides.

If so many of the older folks get snookered over the phone how do we react to that?

My mother who is 69 recently expressed interest in dating again and I joked about setting up her profile on POF, but now I'm serious about it. We just want her to find one that is as wonderful as our father and step-father.

I did a search on the topic but couldn't find anything. Have you found the first, second (or maybe third) love of your life? That's exactly what I'm looking for..encouraging word! The guy will find comfort in knowing that her children, grandchildren and one great grandchild are 500 miles away.

Crap, when did we become the match makers for our parents?

Honestly, I just want to see her happy and not so lonely. My dad is 86 and has a lady friend that he met about 4 years ago in real life (he would never use a computer for that or anything else).

They have both booked a trip to Mexico in April for 2 weeks so I'm excited for her to go there and soak up some sun.While the internet and its vastness might make some of any age slight technophobes this process is just as vast in its differences from dating for her in the younger years.I'm not sure how its not been a bit of culture shock for a child of the 60's but I've seen people even a few years older than me completely embrace the newer technologies and do exceedingly well.Dating is dating, today or a long time ago---still requires the same caution but with more hope and eager anticipation for what lies ahead! Hi Lovinlifeat44: My Mom was married to my father for over 50 years he died about 2 years ago.I was absolutely shocked to see how she behaved with her man friend.

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