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What follows is an effort to chronicle the history of the WSIA as an institution.It is not designed or intended to serve as a personal history of individuals, either living or dead, whose contributions made the WSIA the success it is today.The Irish American Social and Welfare Club continued to exist into the 1930’s, but this writer is unaware of when the club ceased to be an active Irish organization.Previously recorded historical summaries indicate the WSIA was formed in October 1931; however, at least one summary references the year 1930.For those seeking identification with and the promotion of Irish culture, the WSIA provided an important outlet that partnered seamlessly with organizations focused on independence.As the passion for revolution by some subsided in the 1930’s, the focus on cultural traditions increased.One such concept was the early group’s goal of “promoting the social and moral welfare and to render aid to distressed members.” This tradition would be embraced and followed by the WSIA in the coming years.

If the WSIA had a predecessor, it was likely The Irish American Social and Welfare Club, which records indicate was formed on December 19, 1919.Oral histories suggest the Club’s formation was a gradual process, or a series of dates and events, as opposed to a single defining moment.These versions appear to have credibility based on the sheer number of individuals involved in the Club’s early formation.Formed at the height of the Great Depression, the resilience of the Club and its members over the course of seventy-five years is remarkable.This attribute is characterized by the single entity that best defines the WSIA: the volunteer.

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