Updating access data from excel

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When you enter data in Access it is saved to the Share Point list as soon as you move to another row.When you enter data in Share Point, the linked Access table will be updated next time it is opened or refreshed.The Access method is more complicated, but it gives you a better control over how data is added into the Share Point list.You can decide exactly which Excel columns you want to include in the Share Point list and how data should be distributed.

Another advantage of the Access method is that changes can be made in both Access and Share Point.In four earlier demos Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, has discussed Excel versus Share Point and showed how to export an Excel table to a Share Point list using the Export button in Excel.This is a quick method, but it has some disadvantages.Note, when using Microsoft Access each individual record is given a specific ID number – the first column – to allow you to sort, filter and query your entire database.And your database is just that – a digital store of information.

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Data-sharing between Microsoft Excel and Access is usually a one-way street, that is, there is no permanent data connection set between the two MS Office platforms when moving from Microsoft Excel into Access.

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